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Working Live Work:

This is the PDF version of my Thesis handout from SCI_Arc back in 2001. I'm sharing it here now as a reference during the COVID19 lockdown.


I’ve been working on a concept to update the “soft glow” of the famous Artichokelight by Louis Poulsen for the fluorescent high-efficacy realities of today’s energy code.


Combining the desire for a super efficient linear source, with the flexibility of adjustable optics I’ve come up with the Florchid: its a completely modern take on lighting for large spaces. 

Santa Monica Blvd @ 405:

Quickly, the main issue at hand is that a traditional freeway on/offramp scenario works great as long as there's someplace for the cars to go. In this example, at the Santa Monica Blvd exit, cars leaving the freeway are dumped directly to a stop-light, and then have to turn and sit at another light a short distance away. There are major north south arteries to either side of the freeway, and Santa Monica Blvd itself is a large through-street. 

What this means is that there are a LOT of people who just want to go straight, and they're meeting the folks coming & going from the freeway. Everyone's in everyone else's way. Its not uncommon at rush hour to wait 45 minutes for two blocks of freeway onramp.


Zebrawood Dining Set:

This table & benches were custom made to fit an everyday dining nook, while expanding for a Thanksgiving family of 12. The legs, ends & sides are solid zebrawood stock, the top & benches are zebra laminated plywood. 

The top is mounted on heavy-duty ball-bearing drawer-glides so that it can be opened up to accommodate the two 14” matching leaves.

No fasteners are exposed in the construction. Finish is danish oil, polyurethane and paste wax.

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